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NEW TEASER featuring rough cut of the interviews

This footage was used and shown at a development meeting by the producer. It has been uploaded on this blogsite so it can be shared with friends and fans. I am very excited about the upcoming LA shoot (with Berni Wrightson and others) and decided to show some of the footages that have already been shot at previous locations. Some of the art and photos used are just placeholders. Music by Salon of Refuse. Thanks for watching this sampler and I hope you enjoy it.

~ by MaCab Films on September 20, 2010.


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  1. Thank you very much for posting this. I *cannot* wait to see the finished film. This looks completely incredible to me.

  2. Anticipation is mounting. Are the latest trailers intended to replace previous ones, or are these only add-ons to the existing project?
    I’m happy.

    • This site is only my personal account of the movie as it evolves. Once I’ve shot the whole thing, I will have an official movie website and the official trailer. I’m hoping I can still surprise everyone with a good story. Thanks for liking what I’ve shared so far, I really appreciate it.

      2011… the year of the movie :)

  3. The moments when it transforms from heads talking about art to something stunning is when we see and hear about Catherines work of course. The sheer volume during the most creative period is staggering and even in your film I am seeing work I haven’t seen. In your film Robert Weiner says after Catherines depression the art ” wasn’t very good” but I’ve seen no evidence of this.

    • I still have no scans of the “not good” artwork with me, and used random art for placement only.

      • I understand, I ask because that line from Mr Weiner is over an amazing painting . Just amazing . So you have not seen “not very good work” ? Because I haven’t either . Even when Catherine scribbles now it’s amazing. And as fan of her art I have seen tons of her work and yet I have not seen anything bad. Not even approaching bad. As well she is just a sweetheart of a person , a gift. Of the things that should be said about her that is the quality I like best =) Her being one of the greatest artists ever is blatantly obvious and requires only to show her work. Hanging around her facebook page , lol, it’s like every day you become more aware that as an artists you are so very far behind her that 4 lifetimes would not be enough time to reach her ability.

        • It is definitely not a bad painting, but it was all I had left at that time and I needed art over that segment. I agree with you, personally, I have not seen the bad art, or any that I would consider as such. I guess we’ll see them once they’re given to me…Sorry for the misrepresentation, it was just f.p.o.

      • Oh no apology necessary Maria , I’m the one asking silly questions of the work in progress. =) What you are doing is amazing and historical . These artists , I’ve never seen an archive like this before. As CJ posts the who’s in this it becomes more amazing each time. The one person I will miss being interviewed talking about her is Frank Frazetta . I think he was her biggest fan. How exciting this is.

        • I actually called the Frazettas when I began the project, but Ellie graciously declined. She didnt say, but I think he was not already feeling well back then. And Darlie, I really appreciate your comments and support. I even tell CJ, OK, I I have to make Darlie happy, since she is your biggest fan, so ” keep ‘em coming…” :) thanks!

      • Ok, that made me cry a bit because it is true Maria. I have loved her work from the moment I saw it in the 70′s . That, is a long , long love affair. There are only two artists that move me emotionally and she is one. Right up till 2003 I had no idea she had transitioned. There was no shock to it though because what was in those drawings said it all. It was if she had been laying out who she was all along in her work. I’m an animator and was going through my own transition at the time so it was only amazing in that I was looking back at something that had happened to her just before. It was a parallel. That was a bit eerie but otherwise it was a complete joy to know she was still out there.

        Meeting her on facebook is one of the highlights of my entire life. Isn’t that funny, I’ve worked for people you wouldn’t believe and meeting her was the most special. She is shy , kind and just as poetic as all her art . And she has a good sense of humor still. I care about her.

        And I have complete faith in you Maria so what comes out is my first impression. And if controversy comes it does, it never hurt a film that I know of, i fact it mostly helps. =) My feeling is though that people are going to be so freaked by all the interviews and all her amazing work their mouths will be left hanging open. Lol! I just love that. You have no idea how much.

        • This project has been going on for a long time for me, and if we ever meet, we can have a long talk about it over martinis or soy milk if you like.

          Being a one person team, the challenges have been unbelievable, but I love the work because I’m learning and expressing at the same time.

          I do not expect to please everyone, I’m making a movie I would like to watch and CJ has been with me all the way right from the start. My crew are the ones responsible for getting this done, they offer over 30 yrs of BBC documentary experience to the project and has been guiding me all the way, without harassing me (well, but sometimes Mark can be like the Godfather :) ) for money, which they know I don’t have much, and yet they still offer their skills and expertise, really almost for nothing.

          Tell me, I’m not from Hollywood, but would a crew here in the U.S, with similar pedigree help me? Don’t think so… and to my Irish crew… I will be eternally grateful (and that’s why I tolerate drinking on the set, those guys love to party! :) )

          Thank you again for your supportive and encouraging words. (Boy, do I need those sometimes and this LA shoot scheduling is one of those requiring moments… :)

  4. I would like to see the interviewees refer more specifically to
    Jones’ work and influence, this movie appears to be about him/her?
    All the folks interviewed here, with the possible exception of Dave McKean, are still standing in Jones’ prodigious shadow.

  5. I love Jeff Jones’ work. I’m am pleased to see this documentary as we fans are far off but nonetheless touched by Jones’ work and care about the person – albeit from afar.

    PLEASE could you label which of the people interviewed here is Jeff, I’ve watched a couple of times now and still am not sure who is talking when and who I am looking at (except obviously where you’ve captioned people – love Mike Kaluta too!). I hope you take this seriously as I felt a comment worth making

    • The only person not labeled in the interview is JC, check out snow footages. Thanks for your comment and let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. Holy S**t! This is an amazing film! I’ve loved all of these artists, many of them since I was a kid; their work has helped to form who I am and how I see the world. I can’t wait to see this film. No, really; I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!

  7. Looking very good, so far. You’ve got some of the best folk in firld in this sampler. Very much looking forward to seeing the completed piece.

  8. Thanks! I appreciate your comment.

  9. thank you so much for making this.

  10. Goosebumps! Cannot wait to see this film!!!

  11. WOW! when does this come out? Ima grab it right away!

  12. M- this looks absolutely amazing; it’s clearly a labor of love and it shows.

  13. This looks like it’ll definitely be worth watching. To say, “interesting project” is to understate the obvious in the extreme. The complexity of this subject is one that takes courage to represent. I’m impressed by your nerve and imagination.

  14. [...] From: http://macabfilms.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/new-teaser-featuring-rough-cut-of-the-interviews/ [...]

  15. thank you for the post! I am an artist too, and by this moment I’am in a stage of my life where I’m loosing my creative fire. Struggling to find my purpose in life, and the reason why i have this gift. I found this link and it gave me a struck in my soul, thank you again. I hope to see this documentary in full.

  16. What I’ve seen so far, looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Jeff, Mike, Berni and Barry were all great influences in my life. Kudos.

  17. Best of luck with this film. Can’t wait to see the entire project completed. Jones has always been one of my favorite illustrators, and you’ve interviewed many of my other favorites such as Michael Kaluta and Jean Giraud.

  18. I’m so looking forward to watch this! IIt looks so interesting! Thank you.

  19. A film about artist Jeffrey Jones, with interview by Jean Giraud (Moebius), Michael William Kaluta, and many who knew Jones. Amazing! This late great artist is in my thoughts and prayers, and will always be with me in a very real sense. Those works of art will to amaze the coming generations. Thank you in advance for the movie!

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