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From our friend, Jeffrey Catherine Jones…who will miss us all.



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Macab Films has joined with Glimmer Graphics Prints to offer those who are really into helping me out two different Jeff Jones art print options. Those donating $25 or more will receive a print of Vampire Mother. You can see the print at – www.glimmergraphicsprints.com/VampireMother.html

Those who make a donation of $75 or more will receive a limited edition print of only 100 copies signed and numbered by Jeff. This can be seen here – www.glimmergraphicsprints.com/NativeSon.html. There are very few of these remaining. Donate $100 or more and receive both of these.

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I found this from the clips I sneaked out of the editing room. I hope my editor doesn’t see this.

Check out the TRAILER and OTHER TEASERS at the bottom of this post!!!

Music by Alabama 3.
My editor kicked me out of the studio, so I stole some footages. This one is for all the artists in the world!
More to come. Enjoy!

This is the first set of footage to be used as a guide for the trailer. I am aware of the technical issues/typos and will correct them on the final cut.

My apologies to Paul Pope for cutting off his credits.

Thanks to Alabama 3  for their music.

In his four decades as a painter and graphic artist, Jeffrey Jones has followed a unique path—one which began in the lowbrow realms of pulp novels and comic books in the early 1970s. In those lean years of economic stagnation and artistic experimentation, Jones and other pop culture visionaries helped to light the fuse for the creative explosion in American comics that would bring the world such classics as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The Sandman, 300 and Love and Rockets. In this new documentary, a host of comics industry pioneers shares their memories of this vital time with a focus on Jones and his work, which continues to inspire fellow artists and fans alike.

The documentary features not only comic book artists but other comics industry professionals as well. Jones’s life and work are the highlights, but the effects of art—on an individual, on society, and as a business—are also discussed. How important and influential is art? Can it really save a person’s life, as its practitioners claim? How did it evolve from pure decoration to a commercial commodity? All of these questions will be examined as we explore the world of Jeffrey Jones.

The story of art is, in the end, the story of artists, and the whole can also be seen
in its parts.