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  1. Can I be notified whenever the Jeffrey Jones documentary is updated? Thanks. I’ve been a fan for almost 40 years. Thanks.

  2. I will agree to be interviewed. I interviewed jeff for my Senior college paper, and have been an illustrator for 30 years. Jeffrey is one of the greatest, most sensitive artists in last 50 years! It would be an honor.

  3. Congratulations all round. I tried for many years to pull together finance for a documentary on Jeff and was shot down every time due to the idiocies of the money-men. Glad to see someone finally – finally – got there. All the best to you and to Jeff.

    • True, the funding has been the biggest challenge, but the support of people who have art in their heart is what fuels the project.

      Money-men still don’t get it and they proclaim themselves producers!

      I know exactly what you’ve been through being shot down by them.


  4. What is the target date for the film’s completion and release? Is there a distributor yet? If so, what will the distribution plan be (film festivals, limited release, roadshow viewings, etc.)?

    If it will be ready in 2011, I would LOVE to see the film screened at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo (where I live).


    I know a couple people there who might be VERY interested in booking this film for a one-night engagement. Personal appearances regarding cast and crew would also be highly encouraged!

    Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll contact my contacts there.

    Jeff O’Connell

  5. Thanks for the major challenge you accepted in documenting the life and art of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. She has been very important in my life and art as well as countless others. This film appears to be an important milestone in defining the person and the time, a critical period that influenced the look and feel of artwork to come.

  6. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making this documentary on this amazing artist. Jeffrey Catherine Jones has been an inspiration to me since I was kid. I definitely would love to see the film when it’s done, any chance it will be screened in NYC?

    • I’m still trying to finish editing the film. My goal since the beginning is to be able to show it on the big screen, even if I have to rent the movie theater myself. And NYC is probably going to be the first place where that will happen.

  7. Looking forward to seeing the film, sad that Jones died but at least you got this done first! When do you plan to premier it and where?

    max aka salgood

  8. What a gift you are giving to the art world and to all who love beauty, creativity & the pursuit of unique & difficult dreams. Jeffrey Catherine Jones has been an inspiration to me & my husband, comic/graphic novel inker Scott Hanna, since we were college students at Pratt in the early 80′s. The Studio book was a guide for how freely we, as artists, could live. We patterned life from the creativity there. Jones was always a favorite. We all met in NY once…bought the signed artist’s proof of “Blind Narcissus” because it was all we could afford as young artists. :) Dreamed of the paintings. Jones was a master of line as well as brushwork and she will be sorely missed. Bless you for filming her so we may remember her the better. We’d love to help you in any way we can.

  9. Hi Maria,
    I was directed to you to find out if the upcoming documentary will be captioned. I am hearing impaired and a 30+ year fan of Catherine’s and would like nothing more than to see this. If it’s not captioned I can’t benefit, tho. Thanks!

  10. I too, would like to know if the film will resume production even though Jeffrey Catherine has crossed over the veil. So much work has been put into it already and it seems a shame to not finish it…especially now.

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