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The European Shoot

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  1. The shoot in London almost got cancelled due to the volcanic ash incident and the Paris one happened after a midnight scramble on the internet produced ridiculously overpriced last minute Eurostar tickets.

    All the artists who were interviewed patiently waited as we drove towards their locations. The crew were challenged by the London traffic, a stalled car with a busted clutch, and a missed train ride (My NY Subway radar didnt work within the Paris Metro system!).

    We did have some fallout from the ashes, the interview with Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley didnt happen because they were stranded in California.

    Overall it was a very good shoot and in the end, we survived once more.

    Thanks to Rian Hughes for the pix.

  2. I love the paintings and the architectural model Paz . Love your pose dear.

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