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First Day Shoot (East Coast)

7 Responses to “First Day Shoot (East Coast)”

  1. It was a great day to start the movie. Everyone was excited and there were so many wonderful people helping out in Kingston, NY. Photos are courtesy of David McCullough.
    Thanks Dave!

  2. It was a very challenging shoot, with all the long drive and nasty blizzard. Overall everyone survived. Thanks to Mike McKnight for the lovely pix!

  3. Great! Can’t wait for the finished film!

  4. yeah, me too!

  5. When is the premier? I’m there girl.

  6. The trailer gave me goosebumps. I can’t express enough how important and wonderful this film means to me, and I’m sure countless others. All my love goes out to CJ and the crew for the success of this film. Truly.

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