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Here’s some clips showing what went down at SDCC last week. Overall the show was a success for us and people loved the excerpts from the movie, which included the Intro credits and a part of The Studio segment. Many thanks to Mark Bode, George Pratt, Rick Berry, Bill Sienkiewicz, Henry Mayo, Robert Wiener, and the ever so lovely Weezie Simonson for taking their time to share the panel discussion with me. And especially to John Butler, who served as moderator, the awesome force behind the talented team of people who are working with me on editing the movie, and making it all seem so flawless. Thanks also to Richard Quan (Producer), Pete Koob (Editor), and Tom Yaniv (VFX), for the great clips that made it in time for Comic con, and the rest of the gang back at Cleaver Editorial and BSSP.

OK, that was fun, back to work! :)


YouTube footage care of Joel Gaspar.

~ by MaCab Films on July 30, 2011.


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  1. I miss her still.

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