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Sean Smith Photography

Donald R. Grant Publishing

Patrick Hill

Mark “Jacko” Jackson

Mark Garrett

Mike McKnight

Davey Kilpatrick

Will Simpson

~ by MaCab Films on July 16, 2010.


11 Responses to “WATCH THE NEW 2 MIN. TRAILER”

  1. Stunning and beautiful…

  2. Maria, just make sure you finish this! It looks too good to collect dust.
    Miss you.

  3. I’m so happy this film is being made I want to cry.

  4. Can’t wait to see it, Maria! The Studio book of the four has been a continuing influence of my own work since reading it at 18.

  5. I’m an artist and knew these guys when they were starting up the Studio, and was Kaluta’s neighbor for a year. I found your trailer beautifully and professionally done –until the jarring final shot of Mike Carbonara’s tweaker persona and inane commentary intruding on and ruining the entire mood. Hope he’s not in the final cut…

    Fantastic job, otherwise.

  6. [...] sex-reassignment surgery in the 1990′s and has since been known as Jeffrey Catherine Jones. A documentary on that subject has been in the [...]

  7. The Jones film looks very promising. However, emphasizing what someone did to themselves shortly before their career (or life) ended negates the entire career they worked to build. So in editing, I’d suggest that you highlight the art stuff and minimize the distracting “sex change” stuff and you’ll have a solid film. Best of luck with your fine project.

  8. After hearing that the world had lost Jeff in May, we have just had the catharsis of finding out about this film. I know at least half a dozen folks who are unaware of this project ….

    It looks gorgeous and indicates a sensitive creator at the helm: interview subjects seem comfortable, bringing interesting things to light; the flow of images and subjects urge the viewer forward.

    The story, however you complete it, is well worth telling and appears to be nicely framed already.

    While the lads produced little collaborative work, a visitor sitting on the old couch by the front door of The Studio witnessing Mike and Berni kibitzing over mugs of coffee; Jeff sawing mailing tubes for statues out of huge cardboard cylinders and Barry scowling at someone through the telephone, really felt in the middle of an important gathering of talents and their works. I imagine it would be like sitting in on a sketch audition meeting for the first season of Monty Python or in the rehearsal room when Yes was putting ‘Fragile’ together.

    Thanks for your hard work – I wish fortitude for all involved in getting this important work out for people to see and hear.

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